• To promote good relations between stallholders and fair organisers.
  • To ensure that Charity Fairs are run safely and properly.
  • To generate additional income for Charities.


The charity fair market is a growth industry and an effective way of retailing. The CFA is a forum created for the promotion and development of this market, for the mutual benefit and protection of fair organisers and stallholders alike. The Association is a non-profit making organisation operating on a self-financing basis and is a self-regulatory body.


Membership of the Association is open to both charity fair organisers and stallholders. Fair organiser members must run their own event or events so that a significant part of their profits, or a significant sum of money, goes to one or more charities. Before joining, fair organisers must inform the Association of the amount they have previously donated and also provide a reference from a stallholder member of at least 2 year’s standing who has attended their events. Stallholder applicants must provide references from two members, stallholders and/or fair organisers, of at least 2 years standing and satisfy the management committee that their products are of acceptable standard and that they run a bona fide business and comply with health and safety legislation where necessary. The committee reserve the right to consider applicants with fewer references as long as they are satisfied that their products are of a suitable standard.

Stallholders who also operate a significant wholesale business will not be admitted to membership. If their business should change in this regard during their membership the Administrative Manager must be advised. The Committee reserve the right not to accept renewal.



  • The Association is run by a management committee made up of a proportionate number of fair organiser and stallholder members and an Administrative Manager. There is also an Assistant Administrator.
  • Usually there will be 3 fair organiser members and 5 stallholder members plus the treasurer and Administrative Manager.
  • A quorum of 5 is required for a meeting to be valid.
  • This committee is elected from nominations received from the members and confirmed at the AGM.
  • Committee members will serve for a period of 3 years and then be eligible for re-election.
  • The committee will elect a chairman for an initial 2-year term which may be extended under exceptional circumstances.
  • There will be an annual conference open to all the membership in January. This will incorporate an AGM at which the accounts and new committee members will be agreed.
  • A newsletter will be published in the summer, with a further update, if necessary, in the autumn.
  • A Best Parctise is also published on the website. Prospective members must sign this as part of their application.

Disputes Procedure

An official complaints record will be kept to deal with complaints either from fair organisers or stallholders.. These complaints will be dealt with by the management committee who will offer an opportunity to respond and mediate between the parties. Decisions resulting from this procedure will be final.

Should a number of complaints of unacceptable behaviour be made against either fair organisers or stallholders then the committee is empowered to refuse their application for membership for the following year.


All members, both fair organisers and stallholders must hold commercial Public Liability Insurance. Personal Accident Insurance is mandatory as part of the current membership fee. Proof that Public Liability Insurance is in place will be required on joining and on subsequent renewal of membership.

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