Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for CFA membership?

Firstly, you need to register on the website via the relevant membership-type page (Fair Organisers, Stall Holders) and, once registered, you will receive an email with a link to our membership application documents. Please complete these and post them to the address on the forms.

I sell my product at various fairs - how will membership of the CFA help me?

Your company will appear in our annual Directory – the handbook for our fair organisers; you will have access to the Association’s List of Fairs, opportunities  for networking at seminars and the annual conference and access to the general support offered by an Association of likeminded enterprises.  (Click here to see the advantages of being a CFA Registered Stall Holder)

How much would it cost for me to join as a stallholder

To join as a stallholder the cost is £75 plus the Insurance Premium tax. This amount includes membership fee, Personal Accident insurance (a necessary requirement for membership), and insurance premium tax. If Public, Product and Employer’s Liability Insurance (PPEL) is required it is an additional £40 per year plus Insurance Premium Tax (See the Stallholders page for all other insurance options).  (Click here to see the advantages and costs of being a CFA stallholder)

How much would it cost for me to join as a fair organiser?

Fair Organiser membership costs £45 per fair.  In addition there is an initial joining fee of £20.

What are the dates of the CFA membership year?

As a Stallholder your membership lasts for one year from the date you join as does your insurance ie if you join on 1 April 2016, your membership and insurance lasts until 31 March 2016.

As a Fair Organiser member your membership runs from the date you joined the CFA to the date of your fair and then from the date you renew to the date of your fair.

What insurance cover does the CFA provide?

Personal Accident cover is a benefit and an integral part of the membership fee for stallholders, the membership fee can also be extended to include Public, Product and Employer’s Liability cover which is a prerequisite of all stallholders attending any fair.  For insurance cover please see our Insurance Summary page and cost (Click here to see the advantages and costs of being a CFA stallholder)

Does the CFA organise charity fairs?

Over 130 fairs are arranged annually by our fair organiser members – the Association per se does not organise individual fairs.

How many fairs do CFA members organise?

Our individual fair organiser members arrange upward of 130 fairs annually

I have been organising a fair for some years, how can membership of the CFA help me?

Your fair will appear in the Association’s Fairs List and Calendar which is accessed by our stallholder membership. You will also have the opportunity to network with stallholders at the annual conference – together with many other benefits: advantages for Fair Organisers

Are you a CFA member yet?

Charity Fairs have, since their birth some 30 years ago, become major businesses. The Charity Fairs Association was founded to assist in the growth of this sector and to help the relationships between charities and small independent retailing businesses. Being a CFA member brings with it a wealth of benefits and cost savings.

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